Clay porcelain reversible single bowl apron kitchen sink

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1. Non-porous and scratch resistant
2. Modern design on both sides, interchangeable aesthetics
3. Fire ceramics to produce timeless durability
4. A large basin that can hold items of any size
5. Center drain hole



1. White farmhouse sink, clay porcelain reversible single bowl apron kitchen sink, luxurious and unique design ceramic farm sink.

2. Sturdy luxury farmhouse sink:30 The farmhouse sink is fired at a temperature of 2900°F, with high strength and durability. Quiet farm water tank with sturdy structure.

3. Upgrading and innovation: Craftsmen are inspired by modern development and people's needs. By combining classic farmhouse kitchen sink elements with smoother side walls and defined edges, the gap between tradition and modernity is bridged.

4. Easy to clean and perfect drainage: The corners of the white kitchen sink are designed with a radius of 20 mm for easy cleaning. The sloping bottom can drain water quickly and prevent water accumulation.

5. Anti-fouling surface: The non-porous bright glazed surface of the farmhouse sink in front of the ceramic apron is beautiful, strong and distinctive. The smooth porcelain finish can effectively prevent scratches and stains.