[Not allowed to sell to Walmart]Twin Size Airbed Mattress with Pillow and Built-in Pump YF

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This Airbed Mattress with Pillow and Built-In Pump would be your perfect partner in many occasions.

4-Step Easy Assembly


With Airbed Mattress, to make a bed becomes as easy as to blow up a balloon! Take it out of your wardrobe, roll out, plug in, wait for several minutes and a comfortable bed is made then! Any time, any place, you can trust Airbed Mattress to provide you with the best sleep with the least effort!

A Perfect Solution to Unexpected Stay-over


When your friend has to stay over and there is no more spare bedroom, Airbed Mattress is here to solve your problem! As a result of its 4-step easy assembly, you needn’t worry about the time and effort you have to spare for this airbed mattress . You and your friend can take your time to have a good dinner, a warm chat and then a tight sleep thanks to the convenience and coziness Airbed Mattress could provide.

The Best Work Nap You Could Wish for


From now on, prepare one Airbed Mattress in your office too. When you need to take a nap at the break, Airbed Mattress can help you regain your strength quickly by offering you the most home-like environment and sleep experience. And when your satisfying nap time is over, it would only take a few minutes to put the mattress away without occupying much of your office space.

A Must for Camping/Outing


Bet you’ve missed many beautiful days staying at home and lying on bed, finding excuses for yourself with The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars. But hey, now it’s about time for an outing with your family and friends! To go outside for bright sunshine and gentle breeze, to enjoy the boundless gift of the great nature and to eat, drink and communicate with your beloved ones. And this Airbed Mattress would be your faithful partner to help make your outing a more comfortable and wonderful one!


  • Unlike traditional airbed construction, high-strength polyester fibers do not stretch over time
  • A built-in pump will inflate and deflate the airbed with the switch of a button
  • The convenient hand carry bag is perfect for storage and transport
  • Extra thick multi-layer PVC material that is puncture and rupture resistant, air mattress comes with portable storage bag and exclusive FREE pillow(s)
  • Available in Queen & Twin size – this inflatable mattress is designed with industry standard bed sizes in mind so your queen or twin fitted sheets will fit perfectly, as soft as a bed with pillowy soft ridges.
  • Convenient Setup: Air mattress has a Built-in 120V AC electric pump and it can quickly inflates or deflates airbed to desired firmness in approximately 4-5 minutes
  • High Quality Material and Easy to Clean: Air mattress use waterproof flocked material on its top and it keeps the surface dry. Double layer construction with high quality material ensures the air mattress will maintain its form. Our mattress is easy to clean after use, just only wipe with a wet cloth. We recommend using bed sheets when in use, which will take a better comfort experience.
  • Low Air Loss: Qualified for the 72 Hour Inspection of Leakage
  • Excellent quality plus one year guarantee 
  • 0.4mm PVC with flocking top for a velvety feel
  • Mattress comes with one pillow for twin size and two pillows for queen size




  • Pillow dimension: 20.47”L * 12.6”W * 3.9”H
  • Package dimension (twin size): 15”L * 14”W * 9”H
  • Package weight(twin size): 14.84lbs
  • Mattress dimension (twin size): 72.83”L * 37.4”W * 17.7”H