Our Unique Identity

There are few words that can describe the depth of feeling and pride I have for my family and my heritage. Hailing from the smallest of villages in Uttar Pradesh northern India I was Inspired to start Ganesh Shankar Nita Dixit as an expression of the love and respect I have for the creative women of my family. My earliest memories are of being surrounded by the multi-generational, beautiful, creative and talented women of my family; grandmother, mother, aunts and sisters. They were all extremely adept in the traditional arts of homemaking. It seemed that my mother Nita Dixit’s hands were in constant motion, whether it was with housework or at creating, knitting, sewing, stitching, making something useful and beautiful for decorating our home. As a child I asked her how she had learned to do all of these things and she told me of the joy of being taught and learning from her own mother, grandmother, sisters and aunts. These skills were necessary, a past time and a way of connecting to her family. Over time I also learned some of these creative arts. The passing and teaching of the creative arts and handicraft is story that is repeated all over India. This is a story both unique and common to India. It is a story of Connection and love. As I grew older, I started to wonder how I could share this story with the world. GSND was created to share the Creative wealth of my family. That was when I realized that this was an opportunity for others just like my family to use their creative skills to supplement their income. The idea for The GSND was born. I launched my company and online selling platform through Amazon India. I believe that this platform could be an innovation offering other men and women the opportunity to join GSND to use their creativity.